Growth & Development


I will tell you a secret from my television news days. M-O-S was on my short list of duties I disliked as a reporter. M-O-S is a news acronym for MAN ON THE STREET. Whenever there’s a breaking news story… Read More ›

You Are Not Alone

With every passing day…I’m thoroughly convinced of one thing. I’m exactly where I should be…especially as it relates to my professional path. The trajectory of my career has changed significantly over the past several years. In 2000, I departed undergraduate… Read More ›


The dictionary defines “control” as exercising restraint and to hold back. RE-READ THE DEFINITION AND TAKE NOTE.  GRAB YOUR CELLULAR DEVICE and locate Janet Jackson’s 1986 smash hit ”Control” and GET READY TO DANCE.  In what’s noted as one of her biggest hits…Jackson… Read More ›