Put A Little Love In Your Heart

We are living in extremely dark days. We recently witnessed the tragic Washington Navy Yard shootings in September. Last week, a mentally disabled Connecticut woman was killed by police after she tried to ram her vehicle into a White House barricade. And of course there’s mounting conflict and tension over the government shutdown. America is experiencing its worst nightmare.

So, the question is how should we respond? In a season filled with pain and struggle? Put a little love in your heart.

  1. Be kind and courteous to people. You never know the story of the person you see in front of you.
  2. Do something to inspire or shape someone’s life. Write someone in need a special handwritten note. Encourage them. Put actions behind your words and assist them in anyway you can.
  3. Watch your mouth and tone. Make it a daily practice to handle situations with a little more finesse and self-control.
  4. Give warm greetings. If your co-worker seems to be experiencing some duress give them a little boost. Say something comforting to that person. Shake a hand. Give them a hug.

If you are severely depressed and have suicidal thoughts please seek help immediately. Don’t isolate yourself from others. Reach out to family and friends. If you don’t have family or friends find a local church, or trained expert to speak with. For more information log onto http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

You can also reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It’s a 24-hour hotline.


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