The dictionary defines “control” as exercising restraint and to hold back. RE-READ THE DEFINITION AND TAKE NOTE. 

GRAB YOUR CELLULAR DEVICE and locate Janet Jackson’s 1986 smash hit ”Control” and GET READY TO DANCE. 

In what’s noted as one of her biggest hits…Jackson was defiant as she told her coming of age story. By that time, she’d endured some challenges. And had really found her own voice. Ms. Jackson was proud to tell the world she was indeed the h-p-i-c-o-h-l. The head person in charge of her life.

Still dancing? PUT THE PLAYER ON PAUSE FOR A FEW MOMENTS AND KEEP READING! You can take control of your circumstances. Circumstances that feel like weighty problems. Problems that look like reality television drama. Drama that’s intoxicating. DO A WOO-SAH!

It takes a great deal of control to succeed in the workplace. Therefore, I’ve developed a formula for workplace control. WRITE THIS DOWN. Cool. Optimistic. Nurturing. Tell. Responsibility. Obliging. Lead. 

C-Cool tempered folks are folks we need more of in the workplace. This requires a little finesse as it relates to working under pressure, managing our emotions, and not having meltdowns.

O-Optimistic is a trait that’s best suited when we get negative news. As an example, you didn’t get the promotion. It doesn’t mean that all is lost and the world is over. Maybe, its time to look for opportunities somewhere else.

N-Nurturing is a self technique you can practice away from the job. You should make it your mission to enhance your skill set by attending professional sessions. Don’t expect your manager to do everything for you. Develop new skills outside of work and illustrate that work to your boss.

T-Tell your leaders and other hiring managers what you’re good at. Think of yourself as your very own public relations guru. Find opportunities to wedge your foot in the door at executive’s offices. Show and tell them what you can do to make their department or company better.

R-Responsibility is essentially being accountable for your actions. Your decision making. How you prioritize and complete tasks. The manner in which you communicate with your co-workers and external organizational stakeholders.

O-Obliging is the sincere and hearty response you give to an intern who needs assistance. You should always be willing to take the time and provide expertise to folks in the workplace. Try to use some positive humor with this.

L-Lead person is who should aim to be on various tasks. The brain behinds the idea. The researcher with in-depth knowledge on on projects. The go to person who can fix the problem. The lead is often the person who gets promoted.

NOW SING AND DO YOUR HAPPY DANCE! I know you have one! As Janet would say… “NOW YOU’RE IN CONTROL!”


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  1. Love that you mentioned holding yourself accountable for your actions 🙂 My life really changed for the better when I took full responsibility for everything happening in my life. More people should do it 😉

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