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Good Morning America!

I went from television to organizational development (fromtv2od). Therefore, I have a huge appreciation for television personalities. Let me tell you how much I appreciate and love ABC’s Good Morning America news team. I love them like I love chocolate. And… Read More ›

I Will NOT Lose

I WILL NOT LOSE! The first time I heard famed rapper Jay Z declare this in one of his hits I immediately got a boost. I wasn’t interested in the lyrics that followed…because those four words inspired me into action. I WILL… Read More ›

Weathering the Storm

Heartwrenching describes this past week. Superstorm Sandy left thousands of Americans in devastation and ruins. For many folks…the storm was yet another event to add to a growing list of concerns. The depressed economy. Unemployment. Cutbacks. Personal loss. There’s so much ambiguity… Read More ›