Organizational Development/Concepts

Run for Cover!

One year ago…an earthquake rocked the East Coast.  The magnitude five quake damaged buildings and cracked ceilings.  And shook people going about their daily routines.  People raced out of offices, buildings and other facilities.  Attempted to hide in safe places. … Read More ›

Stranger Danger

If you are dealing with any and or all of these issues on the job… Chronic breakdowns in communication. Misinterpreting tasks and job functions. Isolation from various units. Strained relations with customers and clients. Difficulty identifying with the culture of… Read More ›

OD! Who Knew?

In this post…I hope to evoke some organizational development practices, concepts, and ideas for your consideration. In various realms of our lives…we have enlightening moments.   There are moments when we uncover important facts about a subject or situation.  A conversation… Read More ›