Snap Out Of It: Get Your Happy Back In The Workplace

Have you been on an extended snooze fest at your job? Lethargic. Restless. Just BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND. Dealing with the same daily routine. The same old mundane tasks. The same old dry humor from your boss. The same eccentric co-worker who manages to get on your last nerve. You’re just tired. And bored. Bored to tears!

We’ve all endured such challenging seasons in the workplace. Boredom. Low motivation. Slumping productivity. Guess what? You CAN change your forecast. With a little work, you can change your perception of things and how you operate on the job. Here are four easy tips to get your happy back on the job.

1. Find a song you love and make it your work anthem. Listen to an inspirational/motivational song all day long if you have to. On the way to work. At your computer. On your lunch break. Music is very therapeutic. And does wonders for your mental, energy and creativity. Trust me! I know.

2. Create a list of things that will make you more vibrant and thrive in the workplace. No one knows you better than you. Determine what brings you joy and fulfillment in the workplace. Identify challenging opportunities and projects that will amplify you on the job and enhance your skill set.

3. Take a photo of yourself for the next 30 days and write inspirational messages on them.  Seeing is indeed believing. Make an effort to smile on each photo every single day and create a motivational theme like “I’m in love with my job” or “I like my organization” and assess how each day went. You will be surprised at how much your outlook will change by viewing yourself and your situation in this manner. Post them on a bulletin board or social media site!

4. Ask some of your co-workers out on a date. A fun and productive “professional” date that this. Spend quality time with your peers and find out what excites them over lunch. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. You just want to communicate and build healthy relationships with your co-workers. You could help each other cope in the workplace. You spend more time with your co-workers than your own personal family. So, its important that you know these folks.



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  1. I enjoyed this blog. It speaks to a lot of people, and the message which I see a very lightly disguised is that you own your own happiness. You need to take direct action to improve the environment that you exist in. I have long believed in the saying ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’. Simple enough but really powerful when put into practice.

    • You’re absolutely right! We miss so many wonderful opportunities when we sulk instead of finding and working from a state of happiness. Its something that we have to do for ourselves individually. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting. Please, come back again!

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