Organizational Transformation

Reality TV & Workplace Madness

Doesn’t it seem like some organizations fit the profile for a hit reality television show? Shouting matches. Taunting. Backbiting. Infighting. Bullying. Toxic behavior makes for great television ratings. However, it destroys the workplace. In reality, some organizations are slowly dying… Read More ›

What The Workplace Needs Is…

Have you ever walked into a business environment and immediately felt chill bumps? Numb? Not because the room temperature was 20 degrees…but the atmosphere was cold and depressing. Instantly you noticed employees walking around like zombies…having little to no cohesion…. Read More ›

Start Spreading the News

I send you well wishes and prayers today! Last week, I facilitated a transformational change session for an “Organizational Development Network” in Maryland. I dubbed the session Infectious Culture: Spreading Positive Energy in Organizations. When planning the session, I endeavored to… Read More ›