I will tell you a secret from my television news days.

M-O-S was on my short list of duties I disliked as a reporter. M-O-S is a news acronym for MAN ON THE STREET. Whenever there’s a breaking news story in a neighborhood or another location a news producer may ask a reporter to find, and interview a MAN ON THE STREET to get reaction to the story.

Let’s be clear. I didn’t dislike talking to people as I loved that part of my job. I disfavored the rejection…especially if I was under deadline. Sometimes, folks may not want to talk because of fear, shyness, or time. But, these interviews make the story. And on many cold and hot days it seemed I was on my way to striking it out…

… Then it happened. After ten NOs. I’d approach a MAN ON THE STREET who was willing to chat with me on camera. Guess what? The MAN (people) ON THE STREET who said YES gave the best soundbites. Their words added so much value, meaning, and color to the stories.

Even though I was frustrated with the NOs…it was very much needed. At the end of the process, I packaged and delivered a great news story with memorable soundbites.

Perhaps, you have encountered some rejection on the job. You always get hit with a NO regarding a proposal or idea. Maybe, you continuously get slapped with rejection in your job search. I suggest that you apply some M-O-S tactics to get the YES!

I will dub this M-O-S  the MOVE ON STRONG method.

  • Don’t allow the NOs to distract you from reaching your goal.
  • Craft a more heartfelt message about your project. Be authentic. And illustrate how the project will help the organization.
  • Make inspirational appeals to targeted people.
  • Be tenacious and identify different approaches to land your next job opportunity.
  • Determine if there are opportunities for you to collaborate with folks on projects.

MOVE ON STRONG…you will end up with better results!


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4 replies

  1. Oh, I hated that so much. What a great way of twisting it around! I wish I had known you during those rough days when trudging past all the rejection. I’ll keep this with me for the future though.

    • You too?! This is definitely one of those tasks that will quickly make you feel defeated especially after being told no or being dismissed completely. I’m glad you found some inspiration in this piece. Thanks for the comment.

  2. A great and positive view of things and proof that is wisdom in any experience. A helpful list that is powerful inspiration to persevere. Thanks for sharing.

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