I Will NOT Lose

I WILL NOT LOSE! The first time I heard famed rapper Jay Z declare this in one of his hits I immediately got a boost. I wasn’t interested in the lyrics that followed…because those four words inspired me into action. I WILL NOT LOSE was THE most powerful part of the track. Jay Z was emphatic. The rapper turned businessman turned political activist meant that no matter what obstacles, setbacks, opponents he faced…he would not lose. Losing was NOT an option for Jay Z. And it shouldn’t be for you either.  

Do you feel like you lost? You were given a pink slip. You were demoted. You weren’t hired. You missed an opportunity. You were overlooked. Your team lost the contract. Your idea was shot down. Know this. You did not lose! Nos, naysayers, and closed doors are factors everyone has to deal with in life. It doesn’t make you are a loser. Shift your mind. Declare this: I WILL NOT LOSE! Just keep it moving. Continue to do the work that resonates with you. Find inventive avenues to make opportunities for yourself.        

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