Let’s Go Back To Kindergarten…

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Here’s the kicker!

I won’t tell you how old I am. And so I won’t tell you the last time I read “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” book. What I will tell you is that over the last month I continue to hear folks reference this book. Last month, I was at a regional business event in Maryland. And the keynote speaker offered tips about life and working relationships. She referenced Robert Fulghum’s book about how to successfully navigate the world.

A few weeks ago, I started to conduct interviews for the second workplace bullying series. And the diversity training expert was discussing conflict, toxic behavior and healing. I was amazed when she said that in order to heal you have to apologize. She then said it’s what we learned in kindergarten.  At that moment…I knew I had to write about this book.

The reality is this. We are never too old to exude behavior we learned as kids. I understand that life at times is muddy. And people are messy. But, if we carry some of those basic lessons we learned in grade school…we could certainly assuage and transform alot of situations in our lives.

Some of the best points from Robert Fulghum’s book.

  • Its okay to share. Share knowledge. Share resources. Share essentials with others.
  • Play fair on the playground. And that’s at work and in school. There really is room for everyone. There is no need to cut someone’s throat to get ahead.
  • Clean up the mess you made. If that means you need to go on tour to solve problems then do it.
  • Apologize for your actions. Be authentic and make a conscious effort not to repeat the same behavior.

Thoughts! What childhood lessons do you think adults should practice?


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