Good Morning America!

I went from television to organizational development (fromtv2od). Therefore, I have a huge appreciation for television personalities. Let me tell you how much I appreciate and love ABC’s Good Morning America news team. I love them like I love chocolate. And I’m a chocolate fanatic.

I actually wrote this piece last week with today’s publish date in mind. And decided to tweak it after Amy Robach’s announcement yesterday. During the show, Robach told viewers she has breast cancer. She discovered the news after undergoing a live mammogram for breast cancer awareness month. I remember Robach discussing her trepidation regarding the mammogram. Robach said her co-anchor Robin Roberts…who is battling cancer convinced her to have the exam.

This is the latest GMA story to pull at my heartstrings. Every working individual has personal issues, events, and crises in their lives. And when dealing with crises you want the support of your boss, and co-workers. You want folks to be sensitive to your needs. The news team continues to illustrate what organizations and teams should be. They are a compassionate group of professionals. And have the ability to uplift each on a personal level.

Here are some effective workplace and teambuilding practices we can learn from the GMA team.

  • They effectively balance the personal and professional needs of each other.
  • The news team genuinely supports and trusts each other.
  • Each member understands their role on the program.
  • Their personalities really gel together. There’s a magnetic chemistry between them. And they augment each other in way that works well for the show.
  • They assist each other on and off the show. Team members remain empathetic to Robin  Roberts as she battles cancer.
  • The news personalities have great social skills.  They know the essence of authentically praising each other on air instead of competing for face time.

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