How Would You Grade Your Enthusiasm?

How would you grade your enthusiasm? For work? Enthusiasm takes you a long way in organizations.

Earlier this week, two Xfinity cable employees came to my home to install new devices. I was very impressed. They delivered quality customer service at its best. The employees were eager to teach me how to properly use the devices. They were thorough. And willing to answer my questions. Get this. One of the employees offered me information about a product that will roll out by the spring of 2013. I could see the passion that the two shared for their organization. And I wasn’t surprised when one of the employees said “I love Xfinity” during our dialogue. I knew within minutes of them walking into my home.              

I would give the Xfinity employees an A for enthusiasm. And another A for job knowledge, great teamwork, and commitment to customer service.   

Do you have an inspirational story? Something that will help folks on the job? You could be featured on next week’s kicker! Shoot me an email


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  1. The easiest place to work is a place that you believe in and enjoy. Pursue that…and you’re pursuing happiness.

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