Workplace Friends

Happy Monday! I’m so elated to share my new initiative with you—Workplace Friends. We are a community of supportive professionals. Our mission is to facilitate trusting and meaningful connections. Workplace Friends…transforming the employee experience. We promote friendliness, integrity, fair treatment,… Read More ›

I’m CUCKOO for…

Growing up…I was never one to sit down and watch cartoons. But, when I think back over my life there was one character who really stood out. He was memorable and funny! His name was Sonny. You’ve seen him…the mascot from… Read More ›

GOOD Friday

Today is the official observance of Good Friday.   Many of you celebrate the holiday by spending time with your kids, tackling a things to do list, shopping, preparing Easter dinner, spring cleaning, getting your hair done, partaking in manicure and… Read More ›