Sometimes You Have to Laugh!

When was the last time you had a good laugh on the job?  Yesterday.  Last week.  The week before that.   Hopefully, you’ve engaged in a humorous exchange with a colleague, client, or superior recently.  You know what’s funny?  People find very little reason to chuckle or laugh out loud…at work.  Laughter is very much needed in the workplace.   A significant amount of time is spent in the workplace.  Stress is inevitable in the workplace.  Humor is one of the best remedies to treat stress.  Laughter is therapeutic and infectious.

Peculiar events occur during the course of a business day.  After a series of events, it’s very likely you will become highly frustrated with people and practices.  Interestingly enough, your colleagues most understand your issues associated with tasks and technology.  The people you work with speak the same language or industry jargon.  Think about a time when you attended a happy hour, social function, or networking event with professionals in different industries.  Have you ever noticed how they gather in circles and share incessant jokes about their industry?  Meanwhile, your face is blank searching for a punch line.  Humor brings people together.  And ultimately humor establishes harmony.

Just by adding a little humor into workplace dynamics…tensions are released.  More importantly, issues are better resolved.  It’s vital that humor is integrated into the organizational culture.  Leaders should determine how to balance seriousness of work with humor.  When used appropriately…laughter can be instrumental in compressing complicated issues.  What’s more is that laughter builds motivation among people while lightening atmosphere.

The next time you’re distressed…inject a vital dose of humor into the work environment.  Just imagine all the comedic material you can acquire from workplace gaffes.  This gives you the opportunity to become one of your favorite standup comedians or late night host.  Comedians are adept at finding amusement in difficult situations.  Like a comedian…you have to know your audience and what works.  This is the workplace…so you should refrain from roasting your boss or cracking senseless jokes.  Focus on finding and using your inner comedian.  Be very intuitive as to how and when you should unleash that funny side.  Do unleash…because sometimes you have to laugh!

Do you have a hilarious story filled with blunders and bloopers?  Please, let me in on the joke by sharing a story.  I want to laugh too!


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  1. “What’s more is that laughter builds motivation among people while lightening atmosphere.” Completely agree with this and my own manager is a firm believer of this too and, it definitely has made the team I am part of, a well run machine! 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my post!

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