Invitation to Happy Hour…


Consider this your official invitation to happy hour! I know you are probably thinking…its the middle of the day and I’m still at work.  You my friend are in the right place.  There’s no need for you to jump in the car and get anything.  You have all the makings for a spectacular work happy hour.  Raid the kitchen fridge.  Grab goodies from the snack machine.  Get your personalized or professionalized coffee mug, and cups with your favorite beverage.  Coffee.  Soda.  Water. Invite folks to join you!

Happy Hour

Creating happy hour.  Think of how you network with people at professional conferences and events.  Internal networking is just as important as external networking.  Communicating.  Collaborating.  Problem Solving.  Forecasting.  Building relationships.  Remember that.  How does this work?  Just as you would make an effort to be more cheerful for other events…shift your personality.  Need a boost?  Look at the martini glass filled with assorted candies (I didn’t forget to mention it).  Pick out your favorite color or flavor.  Assume a different personality or flavor.  Blithe banana for example.  Mingle.  In the conference room.  Cubicle to cubicle.  Office to office.  Pace yourself as you would any networking event.  Don’t over do it.  Remain authentic.


As you would any networking event…listen and connect with your colleagues.  Make an effort to get to know your workmates better.  Introduce yourself to new faces that you don’t know.  Encourage quiet people or loners to participate.  Instead of exchanging business cards…exchange index cards with ideas and action plans for projects.  Share success stories.  Talk.  Sip.  Laugh over industry tales.  Really try to get a deeper understanding of work processes.  Exchange knowledge.  Find value the event.

Follow Up

…Keep the internal connections going!


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