GOOD Friday

Today is the official observance of Good Friday.   Many of you celebrate the holiday by spending time with your kids, tackling a things to do list, shopping, preparing Easter dinner, spring cleaning, getting your hair done, partaking in manicure and pedicure, getting the pets groomed, washing your car and going to church.  And just really enjoying your day off!

Good Friday for many is spent on the job with same routine.  In your office.  At your cubicle.  In the boardroom.  Schmoozing.  On business calls.  En route to business deals.  Dealing with customers.  In the field.  In front of a computer.  At work.  And so…you’re waiting with expectation for the week to end and the holiday weekend to begin.  Whatever source of motivation, inspiration and personal method you can find…it is definitely used to make it through the day.  But just in case you’re all tapped out…

I challenge you to think of this day and every Friday that follows as GOOD Friday.  If you need a little jolt…I have the perfect exercise for you.  It’s something I use during my transformational change and learning seminars.  I encourage you to write a positive statement or series of statements about your workplace using these five words.

  1. Good
  2. Wonderful 
  3. Skills
  4. Potential
  5. Camaraderie

Here’s an example:

It is always good to be in the workplace.  I am afforded another wonderful opportunity to display my skills, grow to my full potential and build camaraderie with co-workers.              

Write it. Recite it.  And make it your mantra.  Remember, you can do this exercise today and every GOOD Friday.  You may be surprised at how the statements evolve over time.  I’d love for you to share some of your positive statements.


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