Have you ever witnessed something so disturbing its painful? So painful it makes you cringe? That’s how I feel when I witness a manager or consumer berate employees. Employees working at the lower level of the organization. Employees who are often frowned… Read More ›

The King Of Pop

Its been an intense week publishing my first workplace series Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior. No matter how much diagnosis helps organizations properly intervene and treat issues…getting to the “root cause” can be very disheartening.  I struggled with how to conclude the series…. Read More ›

Dealing With Uncertainty And Change

Change is inevitable in organizations.  Each day, organizations face new challenges and complications.  Buyouts.  Mergers.  Acquisitions.  Restructures.  Such drastic occurrences create confusion for employees.  Confusion leads to blunders.  Blunders mark the beginning of the blame game.  As soon as fingers… Read More ›