2013: The Year in News

From shocking revelations to political showdowns…its been an eventful 2013. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a number of notable newsmakers, faux pas, and scandals. We have mourned the loss of innocent individuals. And bid farewell to an international… Read More ›

Work That

She’s the reigning queen of hip hop music… And this Grammy award winning musician is one of my all time favorite artists. Mary J. Blige has been in the music industry for more than two decades. She’s managed to hold… Read More ›

The Perfect Holiday

Snap…Crackle…Pop! BANG! BOOM! Its the perfect holiday to paint the town red, white, and blue. Many of us are on vacations, lounging at the beach, overdosing on hamburgers and hot dogs, spending time with family and friends, playing games at… Read More ›


The dictionary defines “control” as exercising restraint and to hold back. RE-READ THE DEFINITION AND TAKE NOTE.  GRAB YOUR CELLULAR DEVICE and locate Janet Jackson’s 1986 smash hit ”Control” and GET READY TO DANCE.  In what’s noted as one of her biggest hits…Jackson… Read More ›

I Will NOT Lose

I WILL NOT LOSE! The first time I heard famed rapper Jay Z declare this in one of his hits I immediately got a boost. I wasn’t interested in the lyrics that followed…because those four words inspired me into action. I WILL… Read More ›

The King Of Pop

Its been an intense week publishing my first workplace series Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior. No matter how much diagnosis helps organizations properly intervene and treat issues…getting to the “root cause” can be very disheartening.  I struggled with how to conclude the series…. Read More ›