Good Morning America!

I went from television to organizational development (fromtv2od). Therefore, I have a huge appreciation for television personalities. Let me tell you how much I appreciate and love ABC’s Good Morning America news team. I love them like I love chocolate. And… Read More ›

What The Workplace Needs Is…

Have you ever walked into a business environment and immediately felt chill bumps? Numb? Not because the room temperature was 20 degrees…but the atmosphere was cold and depressing. Instantly you noticed employees walking around like zombies…having little to no cohesion…. Read More ›

The King Of Pop

Its been an intense week publishing my first workplace series Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior. No matter how much diagnosis helps organizations properly intervene and treat issues…getting to the “root cause” can be very disheartening.  I struggled with how to conclude the series…. Read More ›