Start Spreading the News

I send you well wishes and prayers today! Last week, I facilitated a transformational change session for an “Organizational Development Network” in Maryland. I dubbed the session Infectious Culture: Spreading Positive Energy in Organizations. When planning the session, I endeavored to… Read More ›

Lady Luck! What Tha?

And the winner is… A few lucky folks in Arizona and Missouri. Those folks have millions of reasons to celebrate…after winning the record 580 million dollar powerball! Meanwhile, you are still scratching your head over those six numbers. 5-16-22-23-29-06. And… Read More ›

I Dream of…

  …healthy organizations where employees thrive! It always amazes me to hear that people still dream in the midst of a recession, workplace ambiguity, and personal obstacles.  Earlier this year, I designed and facilitated a transformational change seminar for a… Read More ›