2013: The Year in News

From shocking revelations to political showdowns…its been an eventful 2013. Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a number of notable newsmakers, faux pas, and scandals. We have mourned the loss of innocent individuals. And bid farewell to an international… Read More ›

Toss The Trash…Talk

Its Thursday! Have you taken out the trash? TRASH TALKING ON THE JOB! Its something I’m seeing and hearing about entirely too much on the job. Trash talking about your organization in front of or to customers/clients is not okay! It… Read More ›

Start Spreading the News

I send you well wishes and prayers today! Last week, I facilitated a transformational change session for an “Organizational Development Network” in Maryland. I dubbed the session Infectious Culture: Spreading Positive Energy in Organizations. When planning the session, I endeavored to… Read More ›