Workplace Friends

Happy Monday! I’m so elated to share my new initiative with you—Workplace Friends. We are a community of supportive professionals. Our mission is to facilitate trusting and meaningful connections. Workplace Friends…transforming the employee experience. We promote friendliness, integrity, fair treatment,… Read More ›

I Dream of…

  …healthy organizations where employees thrive! It always amazes me to hear that people still dream in the midst of a recession, workplace ambiguity, and personal obstacles.  Earlier this year, I designed and facilitated a transformational change seminar for a… Read More ›

VOODOO That You Do

Think about the last time you were in the presence of a professional in her element.  And thought to yourself wow she is a rockstar!  A rockstar in her professional arena…not necessarily an entertainer on stage.  An educator in the… Read More ›