Don’t Stop Believing!

So, its the last month of 2013. I imagine you are trying to figure out where the time went and what you accomplished.

365 days ago you set some major goals for this calendar year. You mapped out your plans. And determined how to reach your goal, target, destination only to face roadblock after roadblock. Whenever you tried to maneuver around the roadblock…you found yourself stuck in a hopeless situation. Unable to be move forward.

Roadblocks and setbacks are part of life. But, its difficult to deal with this harsh reality. Its frustrating to deal with rejection especially when you know that you’ve been optimistic, assertive, and diligent in your efforts. You feel especially lost at a crossroads when you are turned away from your career path.

What should you do for 2014? Check your equipment, tools, and skills. Find another route. Re-examine the plan. Explore better opportunities where you are. Call someone for guidance. This may be a person from an old rolodex. One that you hadn’t considered for your first action plan. Perhaps, they know someone who can get you where you want to be. If this doesn’t work out…maybe you have to wait for the barriers to be removed.

Whatever course you choose…continue to believe. Journey has the best hook for this. SCREAMING…DON’T STOP BELIEVING!  Have faith in yourself. Don’t speak negative words during your setback. Know that you are going to reach that target.  It just may take you a little longer than you previously planned.


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