This Week…

Did you know that workplace bullying is increasing in organizations? A 2010 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute…found that 35 percent of employees are bullied in the workplace. That means organizations are breeding grounds for career sabotage, setups, infighting, browbeating, power trips, and toxic behavior. Certain employees are constantly targeted by their bosses and co-workers. Targeted employees are publicly intimidated and humiliated by bullies…leaving them distressed and isolated.

This Week…

FromTV2OD .com will publish the second workplace bullying series during this National Bullying Prevention Month. First, an interview with a diversity training expert. The expert will get to the root of this complex issue, and discuss how organizational leaders can overhaul workplace bullying.

And Later…

A social worker shares her painful story of how she was targeted in the workplace…the health problems she endured…and how the saga ended.

I hope that you will join this discussion about this toxic problem that’s killing organizations. And share this pertinent information within your network.



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