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It’s National Bullying Prevention Month! And FromTV2OD will deliver its second workplace bullying series. This year, I’ve done a little more digging. I’ve conducted some extensive interviews covering every angle of this complicated problem. Diversity training experts, and academic researchers are telling me what’s really behind the issue. And how companies can stomp bullying.

Targets are talking too! That’s right professionals who have endured office mobbing will share their stories. This is going to be an extremely informative and thought-provoking series. I hope you will join me in the discussion starting October 14th.


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  1. I would love to join you in this discussion. I was a victim of workplace bullying & it is no fun.

    • Its interesting. I’m finding that countless professionals suffer from workplace bullying. Some of the information I’ve uncovered has been unbelievable! Definitely let me know what you think. Thanks so for much for your comment!

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