You’ve Got The Power

Feeling powerful today?

Big, assertive and influential like your favorite cartoon character. What I love about cartoon characters is that they believe they can conquer the world. These mighty characters put their protective armor on. Stick their chest out in confidence. And go to war…using their power. Power is defined as the ability to do or act.

Just as there are various types of cartoon characters…there are different types of power. We typically hear about reward, referent, expert, and legitimate powers for leaders. Guess what? Power is represented at different levels of the organization.

We all have some form of power in the workplace. Let me write that again. We all have some form of power in the workplace. There is something that you can do everyday (within your job) to assert your power. You have power! Power to persuade. Power to inspire. Power to push. Power to lead. Power to teach. Power to support. Power to build. Power to rescue someone…a project and save the day!

You’ve got the power! Use it…for the good of your organization!


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