Keep Working Someone Is Watching…

It’s Tuesday afternoon. And if you’re sitting in your cubicle…or stationed somewhere else in your office you’re probably wishing you were enjoying the last days of summer.

You may feel the urge to check out, evade work, play social media games,  scan facebook for status updates, text folks, or lollygag.  Just remember…someone is always watching you in the workplace. Your co-worker who shares a cubicle with you. The big boss back in the corner office. A visitor conducting business at your office roaming the halls. Don’t be deceived to think leaders aren’t monitoring your productivity just because they haven’t confronted you. If you continue to goof off…your boss will bring your issues to light. Trust me!

Last week, I was in the gym for a ZUMBA class. In the spirit of full disclosure, I re-joined the gym earlier this month. Of course, I’m out of shape. And my endurance is low. So when I started to feel tired…I gave myself a break. Actually, I gave myself a few breaks as the class was working, moving and grooving to Latin music. At the back of the large class, I was convinced that the ZUMBA instructor would not notice me. She noticed me alright. And by my third or fourth break she came to the back of the class for me. The jig was up! (Wish you could have seen my face. Devastated!) The instructor gave me a pep talk (via the class microphone) and demonstrated how I could enhance my technique.

Here was my rationale. I was just rejoining the gym. I was tired. And I didn’t really know the dance techniques. Sound familiar? Excuses. The instructor knew this when she came to the back of the class and forced me to do the work. That’s why I joined the gym…to do the work. And see the results.

As for you. No more excuses. Do the work. Don’t rely on excuses to evade assignments. Ask for help if you don’t understand a methodology or task. When you feel tired, remember to push yourself. Know that you can always do better.

…And keep working someone is watching!


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  1. I convince myself to keep working when no one is watching by telling myself that I am being paid for that by my company. If others do the work or not. I am working sincerely because I am being paid for it, and I want to be truthful to myself.

  2. I absolutely agree on this piece. We always tend to lie to ourselves by coming up with excuses for something which we do not want to do, for something which we think, we can not do. I feel, interest and sincerity are related to each other. If you show interest to something, you will show sincerity to that work. And, when you are sincere to something, eventually it will become the work of your interest. 🙂

    • Very nice. We are definitely more inclined to enthusiastically work on pet projects. Unfortunately, those undesired projects don’t maintain our full attention. Its natural. But, keep on working!! Thanks for your comment.

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