Reality TV & Workplace Madness

Doesn’t it seem like some organizations fit the profile for a hit reality television show? Shouting matches. Taunting. Backbiting. Infighting. Bullying. Toxic behavior makes for great television ratings. However, it destroys the workplace.

In reality, some organizations are slowly dying because of in-house drama. Think about some of these scenarios.

  • A cantankerous employee arrives at work every day eager to harass and undermine peers.
  • It’s common for another employee to have a temper tantrum to protest issues on the job.
  • Organizational members become belligerent with each other after misunderstandings.

Sadly, leaders refuse to acknowledge problems and provide healthy solutions to tackle issues. That’s why there’s a revolving door and loss of talent to their organizations.

How do you cope?

  • Toughen up. If you don’t have layers already…develop some thick skin to cope with tensions in the workplace. Let the snide remarks roll off your back.
  • Don’t join the madness. In fact, stay as far away from the drama as you can. Of course, you should remain friendly and professional. But, when cliques converge around the office to gossip about others (the boss) don’t join in.
  • Reassess professional and personal values. Constantly put your values into action. Treat others with respect and dignity. Be an authentic and trustworthy co-worker. Have the courage to unite with folks even in difficult seasons.

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  1. You are absolute right. It is upsetting and discouraging to employees when managers turn a blind eye and don’t address these individuals or check themselves. Great reminder about not joining the madness. Refuse the temptation.

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