Work That

She’s the reigning queen of hip hop music…

And this Grammy award winning musician is one of my all time favorite artists.

Mary J. Blige has been in the music industry for more than two decades. She’s managed to hold on to the top spot on R&B charts in an ever changing and competitive industry. Legions of fans across the world love her gripping story of how she conquered her demons.

One of my top five favorite MJB songs is Work That. I play this song over and over and over and over. Let me tell you why I can’t take this song off repeat. Its a message song. Its authentic, edgy, fun, thought provoking and inspiring. Here is a short list of lessons we all can learn from Work That

  • Find your voice
  • Appreciate, celebrate, and be proud of yourself
  • Never compare yourself to others
  • Forgive yourself and know that your mistakes don’t define you
  • Make your own decisions
  • Don’t get distracted by the opposition (naysayers)
  • Be willing to change
  • Its okay to have fun
  • Wear your confidence
  • Use your current skills to get to the next level

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