TEXT Delivered: You’re Fired!

This developing news story has me fired up! Some Florida restaurant employees were recently let go from their jobs via text message. See the ABC news article below.


The owner of Barducci’s Italian Bistro has vividly illustrated how some leaders are out of touch in the present workforce. Out of touch with leadership practices and the needs of employees. More importantly, these leaders are unaware of how their behavior influences their staff.

Organizations and employees are struggling in this economy. Increasingly, it is very difficult for leaders and work systems to cope with rapid changes in the business world. Many owners are being forced to close businesses…just like George Kennedy. But, the communications method Kennedy used was just callous.

Kennedy should have done the following:

  • Held a meeting with staff when he knew the restaurant was on the verge of closing down.
  • Discussed all the relevant information as it related to the company and employee job security.
  • Provide them with support and discover individual staff needs.
  • Offered to assist in them in landing new opportunities.

Those tactics represent a leader with emotional intelligence. A leader with self regulation, social skills and empathy for staff.

What are your thoughts?


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