Are You Unhappy At Work?

Are you? Unhappy at work? A new Gallup study finds that 70 percent of Americans are uninspired on the job. Unmotivated. Out of love. Over it. And there’s more troubling news. According to the 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, disengaged employees show their feelings by deliberately undermining their coworkers.

Sadly, most working Americans spend their time operating on low productivity…pumping negative energy into organizational cultures and sabotaging others. That’s mind boggling.  What’s even more disturbing is that these employee engagement and organizational issues cost companies up to 550 billion dollars a year. Yikes!

So what’s the solution? What can we do to change this? Talk to me.


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  1. I think there are two sides to this. Both employees and employers need to take steps to fix this.

    On the employer side, employees who have autonomy and recognition are going to feel much more motivated than those who don’t. Make your employees feel like they are valued and trusted and not able to be replaced by a dolphin of slightly above average intelligence, and they will perform better. Double-check their work three times and dock their pay if they leave two minutes early, and they’re going to check out.

    On the employee side, though, don’t let yourself fall into a rut. Look for interesting tasks, and try to constantly grow. You can make the decision to consider work either a 9-hour-a-day timesink to be endured, or a daily challenge to develop yourself and your abilities. Don’t wait to be handed interesting tasks: advocate for yourself. Think about yourself as a partial owner of the workplace morale, and try to improve it in the ways you can.

    I think Americans are growing less engaged in everything, not just the workplace, and it’s a trend we can reverse ourselves, by deciding to commit more of ourselves to whatever we do.

    • Betsy,

      Thanks so kindly for such a detailed response to this blog post. You’ve highlighted some great solutions. Leaders and employees need to collaborate and fix organizational issues. Additionally, leaders should in fact empower and recognize employees. Commitment is key too. Folks are committed to organizations and leaders who treat them well. And this goes back to the rewards you mentioned. The good news is that with a lot of work and the appropriate transformational and employee engagement programs we can treat these issues.

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