Pencil “You” In…

Summer is officially upon us! With the beautiful weather…there’s no better time then now to pencil yourself in on your to do list for some soul soothing self care. And that can happen on a vacation or staycation.

The problem is when we set time aside for ourselves…we sometimes fail to give ourselves the attention we need. Instead, we are taking on another project, responding to emails/calls, running errands, hustling and bustling to the next event, doing something for someone else, or pursuing the next big venture. All those things are important. I get it. And I’ve also been burned out as a result of the constant ripping and running. Trust me…fatigue is not a mental or physical state you want to be in.

Here’s an idea about self care. Approach self care as you would exercise, eating healthy, and taking vitamins. Those health care practices help to fight off common colds and diseases. Well, make it a practice to fight off fatigue. Protect yourself from excessive burnout by meditating, reading, running, relaxing, bike riding, laughing, and lounging. And partaking in any activity that brings you joy and soothes your soul. The organization you work for…the team you lead…and the people you love need the best you. And they will get the best you when you recharge your mental doing things you love! You deserve it!


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  1. Nice post. I think we all need reminding of this every once in a while. I know I do!

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