A Side Order of Customer Loyalty…Coming Up!

Customers love superb customer service! LOYAL customers love to brag about their favorite businesses that give them the five star treatment. LOYAL customers will talk your ear off about the small floral shop that has the best customer service. And the star employee who takes up so much time informing them about various flowers, colors, textures and how to get a green thumb. LOYAL customers will travel great distances for businesses that get it right! They will also convince others why they should support that small floral shop and look for “Floral Florence” the engaging employee.

One of the keys reasons that organizations thrive is in part because of….loyal customers! If you are in the restaurant, food services, hospitality, wireless, or beauty industry then you should alter your customer service techniques. Try this simple activity. And commit to changing your actions for a week.

  • Think of yourself as a loyal customer at one of your favorite businesses. Think about a time when you received superb customer service from that business. Where was the business? What makes the service at this business better than any other business you support? How do the employees support and engage customers? How can you do a better job of creating loyal customer service at your job? Write down four things you can do to become more customer friendly.

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2 replies

  1. Great tips! It definitely helps in any situation to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

  2. I think folks forget that every individual is a consumer and deals with a consumer everyday. And everyone wants to feel like a VIP. Those who are treated as such are loyal!

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