Bad Customer Service…Is This The New Normal?

A trained workplace expert, its my job to determine why frontline employees behave in the manner that they do. I will say this. My work doesn’t shield me from feeling the brunt, sting, bite, or bark from customer abuse.

In the spirit of full disclosure: I hate being the recipient of bad customer service. There I said it. But, tell me if you know of any customer (including yourself) who just loves to be treated poorly while supporting businesses. None of us do.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a slew of issues with customer service at a number of companies. There have been different dynamics at play. But, here are the scenarios.

Scenario #1 Slow customer service, extended waits, and poor customer greeting at a grocery store.  

Scenario #2 Failure to multitask and assist incoming customers at  a wireless store. 

Scenario #3 Openly complaining about being overworked at a super/convenience store.

It troubles me just having to think about those scenarios again. Then, I started to think….if this is the new normal companies are in big trouble. Customers like myself spend their money at companies where they feel valued.

Do you think bad customer service is the new normal?

Can you adjust to this?

How do you handle bad customer service?

Talk to me…as we will get into to more customer service no nos this week!


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  1. I think bad customer service has always existed and unfortunately will not go away. Yes it could be increasing given the fact the economy is going down with pay raises at a stand still and cost of living going up. Employee probably feel less valued and just don’t care about how they are presenting themselves to the customers. Then again there are those that never cared at all. I unfortunately had a terrible experience of calling this food place ahead of time to pick up my order two weeks back. They are about 30 miles from where I live but I was really craving their food. We drove down and reached there 10 minutes before closing only to see them scamper to lock up the door upon seeing me park infront of their store. As I stood waiting, they looked at me and refused to even signal any kind of communication. In the next 2 minutes they packed up their register and ran out the back door…simply astonishing but it tells you some people just do not care!

    • You have raised some very valid points. I agree that the downward economy has had a significant impact on customer service. Companies are doing more with less. And as a result frontline employees are becoming more frazzled. Leaders still need to invest into employees with customer service training, employee development, and conflict management programs. As a consumer, I’m committed to helping organizations get on the right track by taking the time to offer feedback and make recommendations. It helps. Tell companies about what’s happening on the frontlines. They need to know. Thanks so much for commenting. And be sure to visit again!

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