Start Spreading the News

I send you well wishes and prayers today!

Last week, I facilitated a transformational change session for an “Organizational Development Network” in Maryland. I dubbed the session Infectious Culture: Spreading Positive Energy in OrganizationsWhen planning the session, I endeavored to illustrate the benefits of promoting and sustaining a positive work environment. I also wanted to instruct OD and HR practitioners on how to conduct innovative and inspirational activities for organizations.

The session exceeded my expectations. The participants really caught that vibrant infectious spirit. You could feel the energy in the room. As a facilitator, I was delighted to witness the change unfold before my eyes. I guided the participants along the process as they assessed positive energy, organizational culture, and administered positive treatments to organizations. The group produced amazing recommendations.

Exhilarated best describes how I walked out of the session. I’m still floating on cloud nine! I felt compelled to spread more of that infectious energy to you. This week, I will publish a series of blogs inspired from the session. I hope that you will join me and tap into your positive energy. Start spreading the news about this much needed discussion on positive energy in the workplace. Spread the news in your cubicles and offices! Tell a co-worker. Tell your boss. Catch the spirit! It’s infectious!


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