The “Good” Employee

Its that most wonderful time of year when folks make lists check them twice. And find out whose been naughty or nice! Imagine this. Jolly old St. Nick stops by your job bringing gifts, performance awards, and bonuses. Maybe you need a visual. Let’s just say the picture looked something like an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Those folks look like they’ve hit the jackpot! Now back to St. Nick. He wants to reward the “good” employee. Would he have something for you? Would St. Nick dub you an office scrooge or the “good” employee? One who works for the “good” of the organization? Let’s marinate on the makings of the “good” employee.

  • putting your agenda aside.
  • tabling your personal issues.
  • always willing to reduce conflict.
  • checking your ego when you weren’t selected as the number one person on the project.
  • adjusting to new business processes to improve customer service.
  • lending your expertise to the new hire who now occupies the position you applied for.
  • supporting  your manager on a project that you don’t fully agree with 100 percent.
  • cooperating and tolerating a co-worker who finds tons of ways to nettle you.
  • learning new methods to doing work.
  • making decisions and taking actions that benefit the organization.

Folks have their eyes on the “good” employees! Good things come to those who do good! So, be good for goodness sakes!


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2 replies

  1. I really thought I was a GREAT employee until I read your point that “good” employees put their own agendas aside… I never thought of my personal agenda as being a detriment to the company, but when I look at it in terms of what an employer hopes their employee to be, I guess it is… Thanks for the advice!

    • Bryanneelaine,

      Its always good to be GREAT! A number of things can happen when individuals are guided by their personal agendas…especially when those wants and desires aren’t fulfilled. There’s a tendency for individuals to pull back or disengage. And when this occurs productivity, job committment, and relationships suffer. Quality of work, decisions, and actions should augment our organizations. Thank you for reading and giving me feedback!

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