How To Stomp Bullying in Organizations

Stomping the cruel behavior of bullies in organizations. Its a complex task. However, it can be done.  Just know that this issue goes far beyond a discussion with human resources. Documenting the situation and NOT confronting the office bully will only create more issues (see my post on 12 Ways Bullies Destroy Organizations). When there is a problem in the air…find out what’s up! Assess the organizational culture.

Get the pulse of the organization. The best way to do that is for leaders to walk around the organization. Don’t just observe employees.  Find out what’s happening in their world. The bully may have targeted more employees who haven’t come forward. Try to get a feel for some of the day to day issues employees face. Some of the nation’s top business leaders make a habit to walk around their organizations and talk to employees. Its called communicating and building trust. Successful change management MUST be promoted from the top down. When you are ready for change…its time for the next step.

Stomp bullying by doing the following:

  • Administer employee surveys (individual needs, work climate, motivation, goals)
  • Individual employee interviews
  • Employee development traning programs
  • Implement mandatory ethics training programs (utilizing ethics cultural and compliance approaches)
  • Conduct ongoing conflict management programs
  • Ongoing organizational seminars (creating and sustaining positive energy, respect for others, values into action)
  • Promote cohesion thru teambuilding sessions
  • Provide coaching to employees (create mentoring groups)
  • Hold ceremonies to highlight individual and group accomplishments
  • Plan an organizational transformation summit

These strategies are highly effective as they get to the root of the issue, solve problems, build trust among staff, enhance relationships, create healthy/high performing cultures. AND it puts an end to bullying in the workplace.  This change won’t happen overnight. Its gradual. The key is to monitor events (progress) and fine tune areas on an “as needed” basis.

How would you intervene? Talk to me about BIG bad bullying in organizations. Coming up next…ending this series with a bang!


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