Bully See…Bully Do?

Have you ever had a ring side seat to a SMACKDOWN?

…Not the WWF Smackdown but a reality television smackdown. Same mean mugs and mean behavior just on different programs. BIG BAD bullies are surfacing on your favorite networks. You can’t miss them. Crude women and men WORKING as reality television personalities on highly rated shows. They insitigate. Tussle. Pull hair. Flip over tables. Toss drinks. Stab opponents in the back. And the leaders of the pack coerce others into ganging up on the so called weakest link. Reality television bullies do and say anything to degrade the opposition.

Welcome to the fifth installment of Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior. The television media is a critical component to this series. We can’t turn on the tube without seeing or hearing about bullies. The most popular bullies are at the center of our dialogues. Their names surface around the office water cooler. Its entertainment at its best! Viewers love the drama. It’s always re-hashed. The drama starts with small issues similar to those in the workplace.

  • misunderstandings
  • communications
  • competition
  • personality clashes
  • power struggle
  • resistance
  • hidden agendas
  • conflicting values
  • sour attitudes
  • lack of cooperation

Some say seeing is believing. Believing is doing. I’m curious about your reality. Are you more inclined to browbeat folks because of the negative images you see on reality tv? How much of reality television contributes to how you deal with conflict? And when is too much just too much?

Talk to me.

Just ahead…how to prevent bullying in the workplace.


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