12 Ways Bullies Destroy Organizations

The Problem

BULLYING PROMOTED: How We Do Things Here … if this invisible cloud hovers over any organization as tough guys and mean girls wage war on targeted colleagues…the walls will eventually tumble down. The cloud may be invisible but the actions are visible. Finger pointing. Harassment. Outbursts. Shouting matches. Insults. And blatant disrespect of employees is BULLYING.  And its usually done by staffers who hold “power” positions.

Organizational Culture

Leaders: Referring to the official employee handbook when approached about an incident or ongoing problem is NOT resolving the issue. Some leaders will ignore the issue. Others will promote aggressive behavior. While some leaders favor the bully. Know this. Leaders who fail to intervene or reprimand the office bully illustrates tolerance for cruel behavior. That creates an unhealthy culture. Here is a top twelve list of how bullies kill organizations:

  1. create a toxic environment
  2. aggressive behavior is promoted
  3. talented employees exit organization
  4. high turnover
  5. loss of trust (issues) between managers and employees
  6. creativity is stifled
  7. employees work in fear
  8. employee motivation is low
  9. work culture becomes less “values” based
  10. morale decreases
  11. employee relations and teambuilding are ruined
  12. quality of work diminishes

Coming up next…bullies in the media. Do images of your favorite celebs on television bring out the bully in you? Talk to me.


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