Workplace Bullying: Pleasure And Pain

This is the second installment of Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior…the first FromTV2OD blog series. Today, I’m blogging about the pain endured by women and men targeted by bullies in the workplace. The truth is that no employee wants to be “the sitting duck” of their organization. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when office bullies identify their mark. These cantankerous individuals are relentless trying to eliminate opponents.

Consequences for Targets

Employees are just like boxers fighting in a ring. One of the fighters will be severely injured. In this case…its the target. While these folks may not walk around bloody and bruised like Rocky Balboa…they suffer from internal issues. Blow by blow targets suffer from negative emotions, fatigue, depression, anxiety, withdrawl, low self confidence and shame. Studies show that victims of office bullying  may encounter serious health issues such as headaches and gastrointestinal disorders. Yikes!

Why Bullies Select Certain Colleagues

Breaking News: Office bullies don’t badger social loafers. Nope not at all. Office bullies seek only the best and brightest in the organization. That’s right targets are highly competent, independent thinkers and rising stars.  Innovative employees are also easy targets for bullies as well.  Even ethical employees fall prey to bullies. Isn’t this atrocious? Absolutely! Bullies find pleasure in the pain of their targets.

The Most Bullied

Women are more likely to be targeted in the workplace.  Men are bullied too.  But, women take most of the heat at organizations. Get this. Women are more likely to be bullied by other women on the job. OUCH!

Does that surprise you? Talk to me. Up next…BIG bad bullies and the damaging consequences for organizations.


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  1. Dealing with this right now actually, and while it’s not extreme, it’s still annoying. One of my other coworkers has been having problems with the same person. What you say doesn’t surprise me at all… my coworker (the one who’s also having problems) and I are in the creative department, are younger, and are innovative and fresh. We dress in such a way that’s often nicer than many coworkers and very on-trend, but still within the dress code. And yet this one coworker always makes remarks about what we’re wearing. It’s rather unpleasant, and not because I care what she thinks… but at 30, I shouldn’t feel like I’m back in high school getting ridiculed because of my fashion choices!

    • It is very childish behavior indeed. And shows that bullying doesn’t end in grade school. You have to be very sophisticated in dealing with the “office bully” to make sure that you are mindful of what you say and do. And how you work with them. Bullies have a way of stoking situations to implicate their targets as the problem.

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