Pounce On This…The Facts About Office Bullies

B-U-L-L-Y. BULLY. That word is incessantly tossed around in today’s society. The news media. Social media. Education industry. And the political arena.  You may not have to see a television report or hear about this widespread issue. Perhaps, the BIG BAD BULLY is at your organization. And the macho man or mean girl has you or another colleague at the center of their destructive plan.

This is Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior…the first blog series on bullies in the workplace. Let’s get right on their turf. A workplace bully is an individual who zeroes in on a co-worker (perceived as a threat) and intentially ostracizes them. Office bullies maliciously pounce by making a mockery out of their opponent.  These are often covert dealings…because bullies have hidden agendas. The primary goal is to KNOCK TARGETS OUT! So, the office bully will never admit that he or she deliberately use ploys to debase or undermine colleagues. In fact, bullies are generally pleasant in front of folks as they secretly plot their rival’s demise.            

Here’s how bullies attack. Domineering…bullies scream at folks on the job. And supress voices during discussions and meetings by speaking over others. Bullies constantly find ways to antagonize.  They discredit rivals by finding fault with their work…only to steal ideas from them.  Bullies apply pressure that’s designed to make colleagues crack.  Get this. While the bully is wrecking shop…he or she will attempt to implicate their opponents for problems.

What’s being done about the issue? Studies show that organizational leaders have yet to really tackle bullying across the country. Why do you suppose that is?  Talk to me.     



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