Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. With the widespread problem in today’s world…every month should be national bullying prevention month. Tough kids constantly pick on their peers and school bus drivers. It used to be that bullying was associated with elementary and secondary school.  No longer the case. Working adults are now finding the “bad things” that happen on the playground are now occurring in the workplace.

Bullies deliberately set targets.  And do everything in their power to deter, discredit, and destroy them.  Bullies make character assaults. Targets are sometimes blamed for the abuse. Say it isn’t so? …Research shows that blame is shifted to ignore the toxic behaviors. Leaders often fail to intervene. Some even promote such combatic behavior to groom authorative leaders.  That’s not winning.  Its LOSING!

Welcome to Bullying 101: Cruel Behavior. Over the next week, I will publish a series of blogs on workplace bullying. I will get to the root of the issue. Diagnosing abusive behaviors. Implications for targets. Consequences for organizations.  And discuss PREVENTION. Join me in tackling this criticial issue.


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