6 Practices to Increase Visibilty in the Workplace

Are you visible or invisible at your job?  Think about that for a moment.  Let’s say your organization held an event with all of its stakeholders.  What are the chances that your boss would randomly select you from a short list of employees when discussing accomplishments?  If the chances are very low…you my friend are in a pickle.  A pickle that’s going to become more sour and bitter every time your peers elevate in the organization…as you remain stuck in the same position.  Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you’re merely a name on an organizational chart.  Leaders overlook those employees. It doesn’t mean that you’re poor a employee.  But, it is an indication that you need to be more assertive.  And make yourself known to upper management.  Here are six practices to increase visibility in the workplace.

1. Show initiative. Nothing pleases management more than employees who are enthusiastic, motivated, and willing to contribute ideas.  Become a self starter.  Don’t wait for your boss to assign every single task to you.  Find creative ways to initiate projects that are needed by the company.

2. Make your boss look good.  Whenever your boss has a major project or meeting…ask how you can be of assistance.  Offer to assist her with more complex tasks.  But if the assignment entails administrative work DO IT!

3. Build relationships with co-workers. Make it your mission to know your colleagues and have a working relationship with them.  Aim to be the employee who can partner with teams at every level of the organization. 

4. Have emotional maturity. Don’t fold under pressure when dealing with a crisis.  Be considerate of management and co-workers in distress.  Assume roles as problem solver, peacemaker, and negotiator when needed.  Remember to be empathetic to the needs of others.

5. Be adaptable to change.  As changes rapidly occur…remain flexible.  Don’t get stuck on yesterday’s technology and old methods of doing work.  Instead of complaining about changes…embrace them.  Actively research new trends in your industry.  And share information with your organization.

6. Illustrate how your work ethic, values, behaviors align with the organization.  Emerge as a highly qualified, engaged and knowledgeable operative who constantly augments the organization.  If that means you have to sleep, eat, and breathe your job and organization…then so be it.    


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