I Dream of…


…healthy organizations where employees thrive!

It always amazes me to hear that people still dream in the midst of a recession, workplace ambiguity, and personal obstacles.  Earlier this year, I designed and facilitated a transformational change seminar for a nonprofit in the District of Columbia.  During the seminar, I led the participants through a “dream” activity.  Its part of a revolutionary change model known as “The Appreciative Inquiry” developed by Dr. David Cooperrider at Case Western Reserve University. 

The Appreciative Inquiry is my preferred organizational change model.  The methodology leads to employee satisfaction, higher morale, and personal transformation.  Its powerful and adventurous!  And there are no limits!  All the participants have to do is ignite a bold dream…a dream that vividly illustrates them living their purpose.  And that’s what I encouraged the participants in my seminar to do. 

They daydreamed.  Scribbled notes on paper.  Put their heads in the cloud more.  The energy started to change in the room.  Brighter faces stared back at me.  Adventurous and colorful stories were shared.  There were ‘aha’ moments.  The participants envisioned better paths.  New ideas were formed on how on to create possibilities.  I loved seeing the change unfold.  Most of the participants discovered passions that they never knew existed…because of the dream. 

Ready to dream? I dare you!


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