Run for Cover!

One year ago…an earthquake rocked the East Coast.  The magnitude five quake damaged buildings and cracked ceilings.  And shook people going about their daily routines.  People raced out of offices, buildings and other facilities.  Attempted to hide in safe places.  Many didn’t know what to do.  It was pure mayhem!

In the days that followed…I started to think of all the mayhem that occurs in organizations.  At the time…I was launching a twitter chat discussing issues that threaten the workplace.  I dubbed the first chat “office quakes” examining…

The daily disruption. Disgruntled employees.The confusion.  The misunderstandings.  Little issues that are either neglected or mishandled lead to damaging office quakes.  Infighting.  Miscommunication.  Ambiguity.  Ethics issues.  Misuse of company funds.  Corporate malfeasance.  If this type of activity hasn’t occurred within your organization…then you’ve definitely seen dramatic stories unfold in the news.  Companies that crumble because of dramatic events.  And leave a trail of devastation for stakeholders, leaders, employees and industries.

Office quakes can be avoided by the following: training and development programs, teambuilding events, stress management courses, career coaching, ethics training and conflict management.  What’s your take on office quakes?


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