DUES:Paid in Full…Almost!

In most industries, professionals are encouraged to start at the bottom and relentlessly move up to junior, senior and executive management.  Everyone wants to be the next star.  But, some professionals have trouble doing the undesirable grind work to become the next the star.  Let’s face it…paying dues is essential in the workplace.  And there’s nothing sexy about it.  Grabbing coffee. Making copies.  Running behind your boss.  Doing all the tasks no one else wants to do.  Holding down a position at the bottom of the organization can be taxing.  Highly frustrating.  Very humbling.  More importantly, paying dues can be an enlightening experience IF you frame in the right way.

On the Job Training

Take full advantage of the intensive training efforts.  Managers are willing to help you understand work processes and acquire skills.  Your peers (at higher levels) will support you with tasks too as it decreases their work load.  Learn the culture of the organization.  Understand how the system works.  Spend the appropriate time mastering the use of programs, tools, and technology to perform your work.

Learn from Growing Pains

Every individual goes through a rough period of trying to grasp their job.  Mistakes will be made.  You may encounter setbacks.  Shed tears.  Question your purpose.  But this is the time to learn from those mistakes and create a plan on how to reduce errors.  Managers need to be able to trust that you can successfully complete assignments and take on additional tasks…without supervision.

Build a Professional Identity 

Design your character.  Listen to your inner voice and discover the core values you stand for.  By doing a blend of tedious work…you may determine your interests have changed.  And you may want to delve into another unit within the company.  Gain confidence in your work.  Determine what distinguishes you from your peers.  You should continuously work to build your image.

Develop a Specialization

Identify areas in the company that you are most passionate about.  Learn every aspect of the area.  You should try to think of more effective ways to deliver this specialized product to your client or customer.  Use every opportunity to show your boss you are the go to person for this job.  When the time comes…take the main stage and shine!


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