Blame It On the Alcohol!

“A dry vodka martini please!”

Has one of your co-workers been more creative or productive lately?  You’ve thought about it.  But, can’t seem to figure out why he or she is so enlightened these days.  Perhaps, you can take the advice of Grammy award winning singer Jaime Foxx and “BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL!”  

A new study at University of Illinois finds that booze during office hours can be beneficial to organizations.  The researchers examined the effects of alcohol on problem solving.  40 men between the ages of 21 to 30 participated in the study.  Half of the men consumed vodka.  The other half had no liquid courage.   They all were given a word association test.  It turns out that alcohol enhanced the performance of the juicers…whose blood alcohol level reached 0.7.  In fact, the juicers out performed the men who didn’t drink.  Researchers concluded that alcohol enables flexibility and leads to creative solutions.

Let me take a shot at this.  In leadership, administrators promote flexibility, innovation and adaptation in the workplace.  Nowadays organizations are being forced to deal with highly complex situations…rapidly changing situations that require tough decisions.  And there is no room to make “lush like” decisions when guiding people.  Leadership is about inspiring people into action.  Effective leaders communicate, set goals, and facilitate the growth of their employees.  Also, leaders are responsible for building trust and gaining confidence of their staff.  Imagine what would happen if your organization allowed your leader to sip and serve during the day.  Not only will he or she lose control and power.  But, the organization will eventually lose talent, resources and its sustainability.  And you can blame that on the alcohol.

Thoughts!  Dry?  Mixed? On the rocks?


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