IF You Could…Would You Give Your Boss A Piece of Your Mind?

“None of the people who work in this department take you seriously.” OUCH!  Would you blatantly tell your boss something like that? …Well now you can tell your boss just about anything you like.

A Canadian start up company named Happiily has launched a new website that allows employees to confess their gripes to superiors…ANONYMOUSLY.  The website is called Tell Your Boss Anything.  The website was created to foster better relations between employees and their managers.  Subordinates can be totally honest without having any fear of negative backlash.  Its a two way communication site that allows superiors to respond to concerns.  Employees who use the site should not expect to use any expletives when airing grievances.  Profanity and other absurdities are prohibited.

So, I will ask the question again.  IF you could…would you give your boss a piece of your mind?


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