Was it THAT serious?

I went FROM Television TO Organizational Development.

A few weeks ago…I took a stroll down memory lane with my first love.  I was looking at some of my most treasured photos featuring news stories, behind (television production, field reporting) the scenes, colleagues, conferences, celebrities and newsmakers.  There were stories behind the photos.  I started to think about a special series I’d worked on.  

Several years ago…I had the opportunity to cover a domestic violence series with the local sheriff’s office.   The story was shot overnight (12am-4am) as a special unit served outstanding arrest warrants.   Two news photographers also worked on this assignment.  Our small team trailed the special unit for hours…shooting footage.  I will never forget how I wore a dark gray suit for this particular news story.  Again, I was on an overnight news shoot with the local sheriff’s unit.  A unit that was on the street all night.  Driving.  Moving.  And serving warrants.  I now laugh at my wardrobe.  But, I have to ask.  Was it THAT serious? Yes, the story was extremely serious.  But, it was not THAT serious to wear a two piece suit on the news story…in the middle of the night.  We all have moments that are simply not THAT serious.  The moral of this story is this.  

Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Poke fun at yourself!  Find your lighter side.  Don’t confine yourself into a box.  Learn how to let your hair down when possible.  Understand if you got it wrong today you can get it right tomorrow.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Appreciate and live in the now of special moments.    

Do you have a story or comments on this topic? Talk to me and the FROMTV2OD community.  


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