VOODOO That You Do

Think about the last time you were in the presence of a professional in her element.  And thought to yourself wow she is a rockstar!  A rockstar in her professional arena…not necessarily an entertainer on stage.  An educator in the classroom.  A leader in a business.  A keynote speaker at an event.  There’s something very distinctive about her persona.  Her ingenuity.  Her delivery.  Her poise.  Her style.  Her technique.

Rockstars create meaning for others. Think about how one of your favorite rockstars added value to your life…uplifted you when you really needed it…or significantly changed your perspective.  Whenever you have the opportunity to see this rockstar in action…you’re hanging on her every word.  Following the encounter…you tell any and everyone about this rockstar.   Then you secretly wonder how to concoct whatever IT is she has…because that rockstar put a spell on you.  You’ve walked away refreshed.  Feeling on top of the world.  And empowered.

Ever wonder what IT was about the rockstar? It’s that VOODOO that they do exceptionally well!  Guess what?  We all have VOODOO…VODOO that only we do so well.  Of course…every individual doesn’t work their VOODOO in front of an audience.  Just know that everyone has VOODOO that they do so well!  This type of VOODOO emerges in the form of special gifts, talents, and features.  When you’re in this element…it’s as if someone sprinkled or blew some magic dust…and YOU flourish.

One of the most important things about creating VOODOO…is knowing how to nurture it.  Let’s do this.

Think about a time when you were in your element…and at the concluding phase of the project you received wondrous praise.  When was it?  What did people most love about your work?  What did that feel like?  How did you prepare for that particular project? In what way can you enhance your technique?

As you conjure that VOODOO listen to this. And see yourself becoming a better rockstar!


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